Model Form Functions

modelform_factory(model, form=ModelForm, fields=None, exclude=None, formfield_callback=None, widgets=None)

Returns a ModelForm class for the given model. You can optionally pass a form argument to use as a starting point for constructing the ModelForm.

fields is an optional list of field names. If provided, only the named fields will be included in the returned fields.

exclude is an optional list of field names. If provided, the named fields will be excluded from the returned fields, even if they are listed in the fields argument.

widgets is a dictionary of model field names mapped to a widget.

formfield_callback is a callable that takes a model field and returns a form field.

See ModelForm factory function for example usage.

modelformset_factory(model, form=ModelForm, formfield_callback=None, formset=BaseModelFormSet, extra=1, can_delete=False, can_order=False, max_num=None, fields=None, exclude=None)

Returns a FormSet class for the given model class.

Arguments model, form, fields, exclude, and formfield_callback are all passed through to modelform_factory().

Arguments formset, extra, max_num, can_order, and can_delete are passed through to formset_factory. See Formsets for details.

See Model formsets for example usage.

inlineformset_factory(parent_model, model, form=ModelForm, formset=BaseInlineFormSet, fk_name=None, fields=None, exclude=None, extra=3, can_order=False, can_delete=True, max_num=None, formfield_callback=None)

Returns an InlineFormSet using modelformset_factory() with defaults of formset=BaseInlineFormSet, can_delete=True, and extra=3.

If your model has more than one ForeignKey to the parent_model, you must specify a fk_name.

See Inline formsets for example usage.